Re-Imagine opens May 6th. Don’t miss Bemus Blooms

We have been Re-imagined and the stars are Brenda and Angie. We can’t wait to introduce you to these two super cool, super excited ladies. They are working with mineral paints and turning bland into beautiful with soft finishes, striking colors, stains and stenciled pieces. In addition to offering great home décor, they are planning on classes so you can learn how to up cycle your own super fun pieces. But furniture isn’t all. The girls love to shop and they get pretty serious about searching out the best of the best. So last time I looked they  were hauling hand crafted lake side signs, summer hats, jewelry, baskets, candles and lots more out of their trucks. So what better time than the Bemus Blooms annual spring event to come discover the newest addition to Bemus shopping.

With the flowers blooming, birds chirping and sun shining, why wouldn’t you want to be out and about. Come join us for a taste of spring and discover fresh ideas. Yes, we will still have some of your favorites but also a big helping of NEW NEW NEW for YOU! The new girls on the block want to meet YOU so stop in and introduce yourself May 6th for Bemus Blooms. 

Fall at Imagine! Open Saturday and Sundays 10-5

Shopping this Fall

Shopping in the Fall in Bemus takes on a more leisurely tone than the frantic pace of summer. You can find goodies at your favorite indie shops that just aren’t available in summer. Many of the stores and restaurants are open and Bemus is a fun place to spend a few hours this time of year.Imagine! will be open Saturdays and Sundays 10-5 until Christmas and then we will have a huge sale between Christmas and New Years. We will be open again in the spring and during our time off we’ll be shopping to fill the store again. In the meantime, we are unpacking great gifts for Fall, winter and the upcoming holidays.img_4975 So plan on coming to Bemus and you can enjoy the stunning colors of the fall leaves reflected in the lake, homemade soup at your favorite restaurant and lots of unique made in America goodies at our shop.

New Items

We are featuring some new Atenti bags, jewelry of all kinds, of course, and charming hand made items including adorable

Michael Michaud clover necklace

Michael Michaud clover necklace

mittens and slippers. In addition to being open weekends you can find us by chance or appointment.Call us at 716 386 2244 if you keep thinking about something you saw at the shop and wish you had bought. We can mail it to you. We also feature a small Etsy shop. Click “shop” above and find it. We are still selling our inventory of yarns and needles on our Ebay store, find it through our “shop” button.

There are some hand-knit items that we make at the store that we will feature this Fall, including felted bags and hats. We ordered some beautiful ceramic lamps with dolphins (see picture below) from a pottery in Texas that will be arriving within the next few weeks. There are a series of little holes in the top of the shade and at night they throw little dots of light onto the ceiling for a dreamy effect. Stop by to see what is new, we always look forward to welcoming you.   Yancey will be in the shop during the next two week-ends while I am off to S. Carolina to relax and research artisan gifts for the store. Hope to see you! Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page and Twitter for latest news.sea-lampwool-mittens

Atenti Lulu bag

Atenti Lulu bag