Dichroic Buttons for Sale on Etsy

Bemus at Dawn

Dichroic Buttons

Hi and happy late summer. Chautauqua county is the best place to be this time of year.  The days are balmy with a fresh breeze, birds are still varied and yesterday we saw the last pair of humming birds still interested in the feeder.  

Working on the Deck

So we decided to sit on the deck to do our work. We think we might have the best set up in the county.  


Jim and I have clients and take turns using the office behind the Imagine! building. We are now doing some joint couples counseling. We see a couples together sometimes. Dynamic work.

officeMeantime, my life is different now that Aunty and Mom are together in a better place, and I have turned the building over to Elemental Magik and Lizzie’s 

I am able to take it a little easier. I have been making some jewelry and took some wonderful painting classes at the Mayville Watercolor Depot.  I also just started making some dichroic glass buttons and more to come. I’m going through Imagine! inventory and started to list it on our  Etsy site and also listed some knitting supplies on our Ebay sight.  You can click here or click the links under our Shop page.   

Meantime, here are a few of the buttons. dichroic buttons



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