Winter Fun

 Here is what has been going on in Bemus Point this winter.. Gals from Jamestown,Westfield, Mayville , Dunkirtk and Erie, Pa have been visiting the store and some have been gathering to knit informally in the afternoons or take classes on Saturdays at Imagine! Here Amy McElrath models a versatile vest made by Sandy Cannone. This is flattering to all figure types and great to wear over jeans or dress it up over a skirt. The yarn is Katmandu Chunky from Queensland. The project goes quickly. Sandy is offering a class  by appointment so call if you need help with this one.
 Here is Amy again in a cabled turtlenect made with a combination of Lambs Pride Chunky and Crystal Palace Kid Seta mohair.  You don’t need a jacket when you wear this warm outdoor sweater.

One of our recent classes is a no-Knit class. Lyn has come up with a fancy felted soap (as seen in Anthropologie and other fancy stores). The girls made their own versions and here are some samples from that fun day. The soap is encased in roving, then felted (no knitting involved) then embellished with beads. Washing with the soap exfoliates the skin. They are beautiful and practical.
The soaps pictured are student work from the class.
Darcy’s soap, pink and girley
 Lyn and one of her students, Christy, enjoy a creative interchange.
  Cathy’s soap is an earthy one 

Lyn will be offering more classes in felted soaps this spring and summer.

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