Big, beautiful but feather light earrings from Daphne Olive

fg157eWe have a new selection of wonderful earring from on of our favorite artists.

Samples of our Designer Jewelry Lines

ann egan bracelets

Ann Egan Designs


Michael Mischaud

Daphne Olive Designs



Latest News: Behind the Scenes in Bemus

Convention Center in PHiladelphia where we shop,shop,shop.

Convention Center in Philadelphia where we shop for the store.

Cheese knive with gorgeous flare.

Cheese knife with gorgeous flare.

Ever wonder what goes on in Bemus during the off season? Well, for one, its 13 degress this morning. There are snowmobiles and ice fishermen on the lake. Last weekend, a father and his son were para-sailing across the ice. At Imagine! we are sprucing up the place. And we are shopping. Our most fun trip is to the Buyers Market of American Crafts where we explored 800 booths of stunning artisan crafted US and Canadian work.We found great stuff from 21 of our favorite artists and we added 10 new ones. We are off to more markets and will keep you posted. Can’t wait to show you all the goodies in May.

Daphne jewelry is big, bold and very light. Love.

Daphne jewelry is great big, bold and very light.

Ableman Glass

Ableman Glass

Award winning Arden necklace of multi-layered clay.

Award winning Arden jewelry of multi-layered clay.

Gift Shopping in Chautauqua County

Niche Award winner 2011 hand sewn leather bag by WiliNilli

Lake Erie Glass pendant

Ruby Bracelet


Shopping on vacation is part of the fun,right?. There is a sense that you won’t find this item at home. And you’re probably right. If you are a boutique shopper, cool little indie shops are where you find your visual fix, so don’t miss Imagine! in Bemus Point when you are cruising Chautauqua county. Imagine! is an ever changing mix of eye candy and carefully selected eclectic treasures. Some are from county artisans and some are  produced at the shop itself. The store features American made, artisan- crafted gifts gathered from travels throughout the U.S. . So that means local customers don’t have to leave the county to see some of the most stunning work that is available. They can find it anytime at Imagine! You’ll see a mix of fiber, wood, ceramics, leather, glass and particularly jewelry of every kind.The staff is particularly fond of estate pieces with diamonds, pearls, gold as well as contemporary work from national and local artists. Here’s the thing about Imagine! , the work of the artists is inspiring, so then walk into the back of the store and you’ll find a classroom where visiting and local instructors teach you how to make something of your own. Luxury yarns and beads from around the globe are available for you to play with. Some of the items are so easy to make, 12 year- olds have mastered them in minutes. There are jewelry techniques, clay, fused glass, felting and more. The atmosphere is fun and welcoming, so if you are a curious shopper, we’ll see you there. Hours are seasonal so check our website or call 716 386 2244.

Artisan Crafted Gifts


Cheese knive with gorgeous flare.

Cheese knive with gorgeous flare.

Hand-blown paper weight, mosaic jewelry boxes,

Barrick Candles

Barrick Candles

For the wine lover…

Wine lover gifts
A lush collection of wine corks made with Murano glass inserts, great gift for the wine lover.

Mug Warmers

Warmer Hand MugsHave you hugged your mug today?..lefty and righty mugs to warm your hands.