Beaded Earring Class

                        BEADED EARRINGS CLASS
Jackie has come up with these pretty earrings that can be made in many color combinations. Let her show you how easy it is to make your own. Class will meet on Sat. December 13th from 10;00 to 12photo (83)Blue and white earrings:00. Kits are available in class with your choice of colors for $20.00. Class fee is $20.00.Call to reserve a place. You will have time to make a second pair.

Knitted Beaded Bracelet Jewelry Class

Topaz Knitted Bracelet (Medium)

Class Meets: Saturday Dec 13th  1-3  Knitted Beaded Bracelet. Basic knitting skills required for class. This is a popular bracelet, taught previously at Imagine by Anne.  Students will knit with assorted seed beads and various shapes of beads, including – size 8/0 and 6/0 seed beads, 4mm square beads, magatama beads, fringe beads, and small dagger beads.  Students will finish the bracelet with a toggle clasp.  NOTE:  Color choices of kits will be available at class.

Class Size:    Maximum of 6 students (additional classes can easily be scheduled).

Prerequisite:     Students MUST KNOW how to knit. Student must purchase or already have double-point knitting      needles. Available at Imagine!

Materials to Bring:   Scissors (do not forget your scissors), eyeglasses if needed, size 0 or 00 double-point knitting needles.

Materials in Kit: 1 Clasp – Toggle or Button (if ‘button’, use a 5/8-inch button), all beads, 1 spool Kreinik Metallic Thread – #8, and dental bridge floss tool or ‘big eye needle’ – we promise you don’t have to ‘floss’ in class.

Class Fee:   $35 per student, payable before or at the class.  (Fee includes all Materials Except Size 0 or 00 double-point Needles available at Imagine!)

Crystal Dragon Fly Earring Class

Dragon Fly Pair

Instructor:  Anne Jackson

Class Date: Thursday December 4th. at 12:30-2:30


Class Fee:  $30.00.  (Fee includes all Materials)

Maximum Class Size:  6 – Limited seating for the class.  Please call for reservations.  Additional class dates can easily be added.

Class Level:  Beginner



The photograph is a representation of one color of Dragonfly Earrings. There will be color choices of kits that will be offered at the class for students to choose from.  Anne usually decides which ear wires look best with the colors (i.e., sterling silver or gold filled), but if you have special needs with ear wires – or prefer ‘posts’, please let Myriam know ahead of time, as soon as possible.


This Dragonfly Earring class is a great class to learn simple beading with various sizes of crystals, spacer beads, ‘dagger beads’, seed beads, and findings.


Please stop by Imagine to see the sample Dragonfly Earrings or, visit Imagine’s website at   Bring your smile (and eyeglasses if needed) and come have an afternoon of fun.

Holiday Bead-a-thon with Dayle

IMG_2279  Make Holiday presents in a pleasant setting Saturday November 15th from 1:30-4:30. You canake bracelets, necklaces or earrings along with Dayle. She will show you how to fashion lovely gifts for your family and friends. We will have gift boxes so you can have your creations ready for giving. Plus, we will be serving wine and cheese or hot chocolate. Call soon to reserve your space, bring a friend. Class is 30.00 plus the cost of materials of your choice available at Imagine! We have been gathering some unique beads that you won’t find at the big box stores. It will be fun.

Kumihimo Bracelet Class

Instructor: Anne Jackson

Class Date: Friday December 5  1-4pm

Class Level: Beginner

Class Fee: $30.00. (Fee includes beads and cord for braiding.  Materials to be Purchased Prior to Class: Kumihimo disk and bobbins will be available for purchase at Imagine. VERY IMPORTANT: The Kumihimo disk and 8 bobbins must be purchased PRIOR to class and available the day of class, as well.

kumihimo bracelet







The above photograph is a representation of the bracelet that will be made in class. The actual bracelet colors may be different and there will be various color choices offered at the class for students to choose from.

This is a great class to learn the basic ‘8-cord’ Japanese braiding technique known as “Kumihimo”. Although this technique may appear complicated, it is a fun and easy technique to learn. Most students begin learning Kumihimo braiding with only cords and no beads. The ‘beginning’ Kumihimo classes Anne has taught previously have included beads. She has found that students can learn – in their first class – Kumihimo braiding with beads as easily as without AND have more fun!  Please stop by Imagine to see the sample bracelet.  Bring your smile (and eyeglasses if needed) and come have an afternoon of fun.

Maximum Class Size: 6 – Limited seating for the class. Please call for reservations. Additional class dates can easily be added.


Wired Bracelet Class

photo (168)  Wired Bracelet Class

    What ar you doing on Sunday October 5th? How about signing up for a class with Myriam to learn this delicate and airy piece. Class will meet from 2-4 and the fee is $20.00 plus materials. You will have a choice between spring greens and pearls and Fall shades. All tools and supplies are available in class.Limited seating, so please call for reservations.

Latest News: Behind the Scenes in Bemus

Convention Center in PHiladelphia where we shop,shop,shop.

Convention Center in Philadelphia where we shop for the store.

Cheese knive with gorgeous flare.

Cheese knife with gorgeous flare.

Ever wonder what goes on in Bemus during the off season? Well, for one, its 13 degress this morning. There are snowmobiles and ice fishermen on the lake. Last weekend, a father and his son were para-sailing across the ice. At Imagine! we are sprucing up the place. And we are shopping. Our most fun trip is to the Buyers Market of American Crafts where we explored 800 booths of stunning artisan crafted US and Canadian work.We found great stuff from 21 of our favorite artists and we added 10 new ones. We are off to more markets and will keep you posted. Can’t wait to show you all the goodies in May.

Daphne jewelry is big, bold and very light. Love.

Daphne jewelry is great big, bold and very light.

Ableman Glass

Ableman Glass

Award winning Arden necklace of multi-layered clay.

Award winning Arden jewelry of multi-layered clay.

Learn Beach Glass or Cabachon Wire Wrapping By Appointment

photo (169)photo (35)celtic Learn to wire-wrap beautiful pendants from beach glass or stones. You can learn a simple wrap if you are a beginner or learn to cage them if you are more advancec. Dayle will show you how easy it is. You will wear your pendant home and maybe have time to make another one. Call Dayle for an appointment. 716-753-6779. Class is 10.00 per person per hour ( usually a 2 hour session) plus materials which are available at Imagine!. Bring along some friends and make it a party.Stop by the store to see samples.

Knitted Necklace

Have you been wanting to knit using beads? Here is a class just for you. Imagine! will be offering a class on creating a beaded necklace. Call Dayle to make an appointment. 716 753 6779. Get some friends to join you and have a girls day out. Basic knitting skills are needed to be successful with this class. Cost of class is $10.00 per hour per person. It will take about 2 hours to master the skill.  Materials are extra. They can be purchased at Imagine! Stop by to see samples. This is easy and fun.

Knitted Earrings

Enjoy working in a relaxing atmosphere as you learn how to make knitted earrings. Dayle wil show you how.  Knitting skills of casting on , knitting,purling and casting off are necessary.Cost of class is 10.00 per hour plus materials.( two hours should be enough to learn the skill).  Materials can be purchased at Imagine! Call for reservations or stop by and see a sample.Call Dayle directly at 716 753 6779.