Creative Classes in Bemus Point at Imagine!

ClassSo spring usually doesn’t come to Chautauqua county until July (just kidding) well, say May. But yesterday we saw a boat on the lake near the Casino. Yes, really, and its March 17th. so thats really odd because there are often ice fishermen on the lake in March. But here’s the thing, it feels like any day now the season is going to begin and we are not unpacked at the store. But on April 4th. we are going to open our doors. We are pretty excited to welcome our friends and customers back. We’ve re-arranged things in the shop to make room for all that is new.

We have also done a little restructuring. For example Dayle will now be in charge of all the classes. This will free me up to concentrate on other things. And Dayle is excellect at being organized. She has planned a master calendar at the shop and now it is also on line just waiting to be filled. She has contracts designed for our teachers and a great new tracking and feed back system that will help us make your learning experience even more fun. This year, among other classes we are offering a beginner knitting class in June and October. Students will learn all the basics while making a lush, thirsty cotton washcloth. Have you ever used a hand knit one? Spoiler Alert! you will feel sorry for yourself if you have to go back to using a commercial cloth. Dayle is doing a sea glass pendant class in June and October as well and Chris French is coming back to do a wonderful beaded and wire necklace class in May. We are excited to welcome Barb Dunderdale,  who has promised to teach us to make socks and of course, our famous Bead Lady, Kathy Shomo will be back to sign her new book and show us some fun new projects. Fused Glass classes continue with new offerings by Wendy Cohen and we can’t wait to find out what Sandy and Joan have on their knitting needles. We are thrilled that Jackie Thies will join us with a spectacular beaded necklace. We’ll be sending announcements and list them on the site in the next few weeks.

Jewelry Jewelry Jewelry

Brooch from Michael Michaud

Yancey and I just recently returned from Philadelphia where we shopped at the Buyers Market of American Crafts. We met with artists like Barb Levy  and Jill O’Reilley whose jewelry has been featured at our shop. We bought great new pieces from them and other jewelry artists whose jewelry we love to carry. And  we found some artists that will be completely new for this coming season like Starbird They are a mother/daughter jewelry- making team from Texas. Their work is so unusual because of its textures. We drooled over the work of Megan Auman  who designs in clean lines with steel and sterling and Kevin O’Grady who makes bracelets of glass. We put them on our wish list for the near future. In all we visited over 250 jewelry booths. There were so many choices, it took several days of contemplating. We got so excited that we decided to re-do our jewelry displays and are currently working on them. One of the artists that we have been wanting to carry for several years is Michael Michaud who designs for Four Season’s Design Group. He is a nature jeweler. His pallette is the garden, or the woods, anywhere nature is displaying its beauty. His designs are actually cast from real flowers and leaves and they are stunning. We found necklaces made to look like pussy willows and pink miniature pearls that circle your wrist like lilac stems. We can’t wait untill we open the boxes and show them to you!  By April 4th. we hope to have them start streaming in for you to see and enjoy. In next week’s post, we’ll tell you about what we bought besides jewelry. Can’t wait to share our shopping experience with you.