Araucania Yarn Linen and Cotton

Lontue by Araucania

When the yarn representatives come to the shop with their suitcases full of samples, its an exciting day. How the mills keep coming up with new temptations, I can’t fathom. We vocalize our approval involuntarily,”ohhh…oooo…ahhh” as we pat the skeins, as if they were kittens. But we really try to be restrained,too.We want to buy the most beautiful for our customers but not every yarn we see. Invariably, however, when the reps are leaving, they always give us a skein or two to worry over. What do I mean by that? Well, its usually something we hesitated over but then pass up. Maybe it is  too expensive, maybe doesn’t fit in with our current stock, maybe got over looked because there were so many stars. But then its left with us, there it is, the yarn you didn’t buy,one skein.  Two weeks ago, we were left with a beautiful skein of yarn. Its Lontue by Araucania. Its a 50% linen and 50% cotton, hand- dyed in Chile and meant to be worked on a 4 needle. I said,”Its a sophisticated yarn, I love it but not sure our customers would buy it. For one thing its on size 4 needles.” And there it is , sitting on my desk  for the last two weeks and I am absolutely being seduced by it. We had seen a scarf made of it, not very wide, not very long, but it had a lovely drape. The skein is 249 yards so I think it only took one to make the scarf. The picture doesn’t show the texture very well, the fiber is matte and that makes the colors seem rich but still earthy since the linen running through features the natural texture. So here’s what I’m thinking, I’ll just knit up a scarf, like the one we saw and then I’ll show it to the knitters that come into the store and see what they think. Or, if anyone has ever used it and you’re reading this, let us know what you think. I used to hate to knit on such small needles, but lately, I am beginning to enjoy the delicate beauty of the smaller stitches. I just finished a lovely Steve West scarf with Madelinetosh merino light and love it. I’ll write about it soon. Meantime, I have to go wind some yarn.

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