Counting skeins of yarn

Pima Fresca cotton yarn

How fun is inventory. Not. But it does slow things down.  You have to visit each and every skein of yarn that is in the store. You have to pick each one up to count it.You have to touch it and really look at it carefully. Something we don’t always do except during inventory and when one of our customers picks out a yarn and brings it up to the counter, we remember how much we love it.  Pretty soon you get caught up in those yarn dreams. You know, ideas that spontaneously sprout in your head about how buttery and lush an Eco Duo hat would feel and how you always wanted to make a sweater out of the eggplant heather pure alpaca. So inventory starts to get a lot more interesting. Also, the sales reps are calling and we are ordering the same week as we are counting and we tend to fill in the blanks with yarns we need in the shop. Then,of course, we splurge on yarns that really stretch the budget, but are so beautiful, we have to have them in the shop for you. You might never meet these yummy yarns otherwise….So here’s a picture of a hand- dyed yarn that we appreciated while counting and here’s a list of a few of the things we ordered this week that are going to come in this spring. From Cascade, a new braided Merino/Alpaca called Cloud…it is soft, soft.It has that new and trendy channel of braid for texture.  We got some tasty shades of super-wash Peruvian wool in variegated colors and some bulky super-wash solids to add to the current stock. For the sock knitter we ordered more, indulgence at- a- bargain Heritage Paints. Got a bunch of wild scarf yarns, the  kind that ruffle as you knit, so popular that they are hard to keep in stock.We found some from Queensland and some from other sources. We  ordered a  new yarn that actually has charms stitched in it which would be fun for little girls (maybe big girls,too). We got an assortment of embellishing fibers including railroad ribbon that everyone seems to be turning into necklaces. Cottons for spring and fall in various weights and lush colors are coming in as well as lovely wools, and hand dyes in every weight. We can’t wait for a new, darling baby book from Sublime. Hand dyed skeins from Shaefer, Blue Heron and Ironstone. Ruca in melt- in- your- hand sugar cane in sherbet shades and a great booklet for them.Super cute kid patterns. Meantime, back to counting and dreaming. Hope you are knitting wonderful things this winter.