The National Needlework Association Show

Everyone in Chautauqua County knows what we mean when we say “the season” is here. We mean that the county expands to welcome summer residents, tourists and homecoming friends and family during the short months of summer. At the shop we have been gearing up, adding staff, adding inventory and this has kept us busy. We love the “season” but we also love the cozy winter down-time when we can visit with our year round friends at leisure.

In the next few weeks I hope to share with you some of the incredible items we found on our shopping trip to the annual Needlework show in Columbus. Knitters and designers and manufacturers from around the world come together to display their new items each year. There are more than 1,100 booths. What struck us this year is how creative and inventive people are. Just when you think no one can come up with anything new, there it is- something stunningly beautiful or very original.

I hope to get the the knack of posting pictures on the blog to show you some of our finds. An example is “Flat Feet” by Conjoined Creations. Many of you may have read about this fun and innovative sock stock. The company sends fine, undyed merino to a mill to be woven according to their specifications. What emerges is two finely crafted rectangles of wool which are then given to their artist who paints them with dyes. These are then packaged with a socks pattern booklet and the knitter unravels them as she/he knits them into socks. We are on a three month waiting list for these. We also have wonderful kits for market bags, and lovely summer cardigans from Woodstock, NY. The yarns are hand spun and dyed. Sassy Skeins offers kits and patterns for kids in crayon colors. They arrived yesterday and already are selling. We brought back scarf pins from Gita Maria. These are enamels and  we found dichroic buttons from Nancy Geddes of California. Come see. More on the way. I will keep you posted.